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30. 03. 2022

Courage and adventurous spirit among the pupils of yellow classroom

Our dear pupils in yellow classroom showed these days an impressive proof of their tremendous grittiness by participating actively in the challenging activities proposed by the leader teacher of the group.

To start, they had to be confident and trust themselves to solve the puzzle of how to take a delicious piece of apple from a bucket full of water without using their hands, challenge that demands a deep and very wet head immersion to catch the piece of apple with the mouth.

It was not a surprise for the teachers to see the boys trying with discipline and enthusiasm the task they happily took as part of their group time, because they are a very ebullient and valiant group who has been working together on trusting themselves and learning from the guidance of the teacher.

The second challenging activity performed days after consisted in the boys testing a bit of a citric fruit of which they are aware, the lime. For then it was totally amazing to prove themselves they can bear a huge range of different and interesting flavours and they were very proud of that. Our pupils liked to try something challenging and different, but also natural and healthy.

Nevertheless, not everything was just courage and pride during the performance of the tasks, because the boys also found in these activities one more chance to interact with each other, to share smiles and support words, to be comprehensive about their personal and performance differences and to learn something new as a group.

It was one more step in the daily work the pupils and the teachers of our kindergarten do together in order to enrich each other and build a happy, full of learning and caring childhood.

Juan David H.R.

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